Mucia - Lost in Your Electric Dream (Alez Android Remix)

by DJ Alez Android



I've been really excited for this remix for a long time, but I hadn't gotten the chance to actually start on it. The original song was one of my favorites, because I love ambient music, and I knew as soon as I heard it that a remix would be in order.


released October 6, 2013
Original song by Mucia.




DJ Alez Android North Carolina

Hey hey hey! Alez Android's my name and music's my game! I'm a fifteen year old hobbyist from North Carolina, USA. I sell all my albums on my Bandcamp page, and I'm trying to get more publicity so I can maybe go big one day. I normally compose dubstep, electro, and house music, but I've experimented with moombahcore and melodic dubstep as well. ... more

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