Clop Clop Clop

by DJ Alez Android

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    WARNING: This track includes demo samples from loopmasters which means that, because of legal issues, it MAY NOT BE SOLD ANYWHERE FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSES! Loopmasters has a very strict policy regarding their demo licenses, so please don't make me liable by breaking their licenses! Feel free to redistribute so long as you follow the creative commons license as well, but don't sell this track or sample from it please! You have been warned!



This song was yet another song that took me about three hours of work. I used a few demo samples from loopmasters, which means there are now very strict rules that restrict what I can do with this song now. That's why it's not being sold in an album. BTW, clopping is an inside joke among bronies. They know what I speak of.


released May 4, 2013




DJ Alez Android North Carolina

Hey hey hey! Alez Android's my name and music's my game! I'm a fifteen year old hobbyist from North Carolina, USA. I sell all my albums on my Bandcamp page, and I'm trying to get more publicity so I can maybe go big one day. I normally compose dubstep, electro, and house music, but I've experimented with moombahcore and melodic dubstep as well. ... more

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